Leslie M. Sessley, MSW, LCSW

Leslie_Sessley_Associates_Page  Bachelor of Social Work, Virginia Union University, 2000
  Master of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh, 2001

Are you struggling with life balance since your loved one has become ill? Are you now caring for an aging parent that didn’t take care of you? Is talking with your family about your aging loved one challenging or stressful?

I specialize in helping individuals and families understand how to grow old and be caregivers in healthy ways. I believe individuals and families need support in later life and elderhood development. Some examples may be helping individuals and families deal with being newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, helping caregivers of those diagnosed with neurological disorders have better life balance and boundaries, or helping elders and their caregivers deal with depression and anxiety. With a family history of neurocognitive disorders, I have witnessed the feelings of loss and grief from such disorders. I have also witnessed family members have a deeper understanding of themselves and of those they were chosen to care for. My personal and professional experience can help with the process of going through such challenges.

As we age, so do our families of origin. Sometimes we are called back to our families of origin to help aging family members – like our siblings or parents. This can be challenging for many people. When we are called back to help, things like old wounds, family dysfunction and confusion on where to go for help can arise. Therapy can help bring clarity.

For some, choosing to go to therapy is not an easy decision. I respect the process of choosing to make the call and the courage to begin therapy; what for some will be an unfolding journey. I am collaborative in my therapeutic approach. I respect what families and individuals decide to bring into to therapy by using non-judgmental communication and providing a safe space and environment.   I mostly approach my work using a foundational orientation based in systemic and family systems theories that understand the patterns and interactions of our current and generational relationships. I integrate narrative, strength-based, person -centered, interpersonal, strategic, and humanistic perspectives. Humor, compassion, curiosity, and intuition also guide me in my work.

I am licensed in the practice of clinical social work. Over the past 14 years, I have worked with the older adult population and their caregivers in non-profit, public and private sectors. While passionate about all aging issues, I am fiercely dedicated to helping caregivers of older adults.  I have received awards from AARP and The Governor’s Office for my work with intergenerational families and caregivers in the state of Georgia. I am an active member of the Georgia Gerontology Society, having served on its Board of Directors, Membership, and Scholarship Review Committees.

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Leslie Sessley is available to see clients in and around Decatur, GA at our NEW Decatur Location.

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