Pamela Clardy Key, Certified Neurofeedback Practitioner

Pamela-Key-Photo Bachelor of Social Work, University of Georgia, 1985
36-hour Didactic Neurofeedback (NFB) Certification, 2009
NFB Mentoring Program with Richard Soutar, 2009-2011
NFB Mentoring and Consultation with Robert Longo, 2011-present

Often I am asked, “What is neurofeedback and how can it help me?”  Neurofeedback is a process of self-regulation of the brain that retrains neural pathways into effective, efficient, functioning brainwave patterns.  It’s a high tech way to retrain your brain to work in a way that allows greater ease in dealing with life’s challenges- whether it’s work, school, relationships, sleep or the ability to relax.   Neurofeedback offers compelling results for chronic neuropsychological struggles.

For much of my career, I worked in the hospital setting as a social worker.  However, when my son was diagnosed with high functioning autism and attention issues, it was then that my social work skills were integral to own family’s well-being.   I researched numerous options for treatment, but they often felt like they were band-aid approaches to the problems-managing symptoms only.  When I found QEEG neurofeedback, I was intrigued with the idea that you address the core issue of the problem in the brain by retraining the ineffective neural pathways.  After neurofeedback treatment, my son experienced effective and long lasting results that resolved the core problems.  He’s now a highly motivated, successful student who is a leader in his school.

It was exciting to find this non-invasive treatment that could improve or even eliminate chronic health issues.  I wanted to share this amazing option for treatment with others searching for solutions.  I embarked on a journey of training and education to become a Certified Neurofeedback Practitioner where I mentored for two years under Richard Soutar, a pioneer in the field of QEEG Neurofeedback.  Currently, I continue honing my skills through consultation and ongoing education.  I am excited to be a member of the referral network for the Amen Clinic,

Neurofeedback addresses a wide range of medical issues such as ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, memory, migraines, and sleep problems.  My work with clients is based on my personal and professional enthusiasm.   It is my strong desire to help individuals change their lives in a healthy and long lasting way through expanding their mental and cognitive functioning as well as overall well-being.

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