Required Forms

For all new clients, prior to your initial appointment, please complete and print the following online forms. If you are coming for couples or family counseling, each person should complete his or her own set of forms.

There are six Required Forms (1-6)* total:
1)  Adult Client Information Form*
Child/Adolescent Client Information Form*

2)  Professional Disclosure Form*

3)  Data Sheet Form*

4) HIPAA Privacy Notice*

5) Cancellation Policy*

6) Telemental Health Form*

Optional Forms

The credit/debit card form is, of course, completely optional; please complete it if you would like us to keep your information on file to charge services for your convenience.
Credit/Debit Card Form (Optional)

If coming in for Career Counseling, please fill out this form:
Career Counseling Form (Optional)

Therapist Fee Schedules

Fee Schedule for Claire Nichols Zimmerman

Fee Schedule for Suzanne Morgan

Fee Schedule for Aline Robolin

Fee Schedule for Alice Britt Deal

Fee Schedule for Robert M. Lomax

Fee Schedule for Beth Z. Jackson

Fee Schedule for Aaron D. Kirkwood

Fee Schedule for Isom E. White

Fee Schedule for Anna Headden

Fee Schedule for Jennifer Boone

Fee Schedule for Chris Williams