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  • Hypnotherapy

    I am very excited to currently be in the process of obtaining my certification in hypnotherapy.  I didn’t know much about hypnotherapy when I registered for the course.  I wanted to share my understanding of hypnosis, to demystify it and help people determine if it might be worth a try.

    What is Hypnosis?

    Hypnosis is the process of entering an extremely relaxed state, in body and mind, to allow suggestions to bypass the consciousness and flow directly into the subconscious.  This relaxed state is led by a hypnotherapist and utilizes guided imagery.  The client is aware at all times of what is being said and suggested and can stop the hypnosis at any time.

    What can Hypnotherapy Address?

    Hypnotherapy can address anxiety, stress, guilt, fears, phobias, lack of confidence, poor self-image, negative thought patterns, compulsions, unhealthy eating habits, disordered eating, smoking cessation, and more.

    What is the First Step in Hypnotherapy?

    An important first-step of hypnotherapy is to have a discussion with the client to learn exactly what the desired outcome is.  From there, I develop specific suggestions and discuss them with the client to ensure that I have a clear understanding of the goals.  It is very important to note that in doing this, the client maintains complete control over the specific messages that will be sent during the hypnotherapy session.

    What is the Hypnotherapy Session Like?

    At the start of the hypnotherapy session the client can choose to sit or lie down on the couch.  I ask him to close his eyes and take some deep breaths.  The first part of the session is called an “induction” which is simply a way for the client to relax.  It can involve progressive relaxation, with the client focusing on relaxing the body, one part at at time.  It usually includes some guided imagery, focusing on a comforting, relaxing place of the client’s choice.  The goal is for the body and the mind to be in a completely relaxed state, free from the conscious mind “noise” consisting of to-do lists, stressors, repetitive thoughts, etc.

    Once the client has reached this peaceful and relaxed state, I incorporate the previously agreed-upon suggestions into the hypnosis.  These suggestions are able to bypass the conscious mind and enter straight into the subconscious in a clear and concise way.

    Once the suggestions have been made, it is time for the client to “emerge” from the hypnosis.  There is count-down with assurances that the client will feel refreshed and energized.  My clients have reported feeling wonderful and relaxed after hypnotherapy.  One client described it as feeling similar to the experience of the “savasana” pose in yoga.

    How Do I Determine if Hypnotherapy Might Help Me?

    Please give me a call at 706-425-8900 ext 709 or email me at [email protected].  I would love to chat with you to assess your needs and determine if hypnotherapy may benefit you.