27 Jan 2020
January 27, 2020

Wellness Group


Taylor will be conducting a weekly wellness group starting Friday February 7th at 12pm.  The group meets weekly and uses a research-based format for improving wellness using Solution Focused Brief Therapy techniques.  Topics include physical, spiritual, emotional, social/relational and cognitive/intellectual wellness.  There are seven sessions, and new members are welcome to join at any time.  The sessions can be repeated as necessary.  Group members will use their personal strengths to set wellness goals, find solutions and explore previous wellness efforts that worked for them, as well as focus on their ideal future wellness to improve functioning across all the domains. The cost is $35 and can be billed to health savings and credit cards.  Insurance is not accepted for this group.  Email taylor@ca4wellbeing.com to join.


26 Nov 2019
November 26, 2019

Holiday Wellness

Stress, Wellness

I’ve been thinking about the opportunity that the winter holidays bring for us to focus on our wellness. Sometimes the season brings extra time with our family and friends, which allows us to focus on our relational and social wellbeing.  However, sometimes the holidays bring extra stress that comes from pressure we put on ourselves to travel, meet the needs of different family members and attend lots of extra fun, but sometimes taxing events.  This year, why not take a moment or two to focus on just one area of wellness that you would like to pay attention to.  Do you need some spiritual refreshment?  What has brought you spiritual wellness in the past?  What about your physical wellness?  Does that mean trying that yoga class you’ve been meaning to check out or just getting some extra rest?  Wellness means different things to different people.  I invite you to think for a few moments about your views of physical, spiritual, relational, intellectual and emotional wellness.  Reflect on your best hopes for each area this holiday season and then pick one or two areas to engage with more deeply.  Try and envision the small steps you could take toward achieving optimal wellness in those particular areas.  See if this opportunity to make incremental changes toward growth in those areas leads to a better sense of overall wellness this holiday season.  Wishing you well this holiday season!

Taylor Yates, PhD, LCSW


We are so happy to have Taylor Yates working with us here at Counseling  Associates for Well-Being. Taylor is a fantastic therapist with a wealth of great experience. She is accepting new clients in our Athens office. To contact Taylor – Email : Taylor@ca4wellbeing.com

About Taylor:

  • Doctoral Candidate in Social Work, University of Georgia 2019
  • Master of Social Work, University of Georgia, 2001
  • Bachelor of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 2000
  • Member, Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association, 2016




From Taylor Yates, LCSW:

“As a therapist and academic researcher, I utilize a strengths-oriented and client-centered approach to address complex problems and enhance the well-being of my clients.  I engage in a co-constructive process to partner with the adolescents, adults and families I am privileged to serve.  I believe my clients have strengths and resources we can identify and amplify together to move toward specific goals and a greater quality of life.

While facing anxiety, depression, chronic health challenges or stressful life and family events, human beings can identify and meet wellness goals that improve their physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and relational lives.  In sessions, we accomplish this together by focusing on what is already working, what has worked in the past, and exploring best hopes for the future.  I practice cultural humility to engage people in a way that respects differences and highlights the strengths that diversity brings to our lives and communities.

My work is informed by the latest research about counseling and multidimensional, holistic health promotion methods as well as my nearly 20 years of counseling experience.  In addition to my practice at Counseling Associates for Well-Being, I teach classes at the UGA School of Social Work.  I have given presentations at national and international conferences about Solution Focused Brief Therapy and wellness research.  In my free time, I enjoy being with my family and singing with the Athens Master Chorale.”