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    Robert M. Lomax, LCSW: Athens and Telehealth, Individuals and Groups, Adults 18+

    • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, University of Georgia, 1996
    • Master of Social Work, University of Georgia, 2010
    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack, a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in
    – Leonard Cohen

    Let me talk about doors for a second. No…I’m not talking about some kind of metaphorical door…I’m talking about actual doors—those things that are sometimes made out of wood or glass or some material that I don’t know the name of—that separate one space from another. We go through so many doors in a life…in a day. And to me, that transition is significant, as the movement from one space to another signifies a change in perspective.

    When you enter through the door of my office…when you show up, you can trust in knowing that I will show up as well. I will show up with you regardless of what stress, or struggle, or success you bring through that door. I possess a gentle strength and ease with others that resonate with my clients. The promise of the therapeutic relationship is that it offers us the possibility of grace—the opportunity to be accepted and valued for the splendid mess that we are—in a world where our lives are otherwise filled with relationships that so often demand us to play a certain role…to be a certain version of ourselves (e.g. “the student”, “the employee”, “the parent”, “the brother/sister”, “the son/daughter”, “the husband/wife/partner,” etc). When you enter my door, you just have to be you.

    I have specialized training through Emory University’s Cognitively-based Compassionate Training program, and I utilize an integrative approach that incorporates a client-centered model with mindfulness-based, third wave cognitive behavioral therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). The work we do together will offer you the chance to clarify your values (i.e. what matters to you), as well as develop the capacity to relate differently to the problem narratives in your life, so those nagging, unhelpful thoughts and beliefs (trust me…we all have them…they’re part of what makes us human) no longer hold you back from the person you’ve been waiting to be.

    With my extensive background working in community mental health and medical facilities, I am comfortable working with adult clients from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. In addition, prior to pursuing my passion for mental health work, I toured the country extensively as a professional musician, so I understand the unique struggles and successes that accompany the creative life.

    My areas of specialization include working with individuals on developing healthy, workable approaches to coping with depression, anxiety, and thought disorders, as well as issues related to grief and loss, anger management, trauma, assorted life transitions, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and communication. 

    Serving clients at our Athens office. Robert is a Kaiser Affiliated Provider and accepts Alliant health plans .
    Call Robert at (706) 425-8900 for more information, or send an email.