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  • Therapist Spotlight: Anna Helton, LMFT

    I am a therapist that has been pursuing healing for years longer than I’ve been in a healing profession. I too have lived through crisis, harmful coping, and eagerness for change. This experience provides an intimate understanding of what it’s like to sit in the client’s chair which allows me to uniquely connect with my clients. I am passionate about helping people find healing and deeper understanding of themselves through therapy. 

    It seems that many folks are talking about “parts work” or healing their “inner child” nowadays, and that is work I love to do with clients through Internal Family Systems (IFS).  Read more about IFS here:  This model aligns with my belief that every individual already contains all they need for healing. We each have a “Core Self” within us that can heal, unburden, and guide us, but we often lose our connection with it as we endure hardships and trauma. IFS creates a framework to reconnect with our Self and tend to the parts of us that have been burdened by our previous experiences. If this speaks to you and you want to take the next steps in your healing journey please reach out at [email protected]