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    Claire N. Zimmerman, LCSW, CIRT: Athens, Co-Founder, Couples & Individuals, Adults 18+

    • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, University of Georgia, 1990
    • Master of Social Work, University of Georgia, 1998
    • Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, 2006

    Each of the people  I work with brings with them a unique set of experiences, strengths and wisdom.   I am a clinical social worker, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, parent, grandparent, and step-parent in a step/blended family. In all of these roles, I benefit from both my formal and informal training and experience. I learn a tremendous amount from the people I am  privileged work with.   All of this enables me to better help people transform their struggles into growth, and to see the potential in the challenges they face. I find enormous satisfaction in helping people find and live from a place of joy.

    I have worked with a wide variety of couples and individuals struggling with relationship difficulties, including those contemplating separation/divorce, preparing for or adjusting to a re-marriage, trying to find direction after a life transition like a divorce. retirement, starting a new business or having a newly empty nest, or those simply looking to reconnect and strengthen their relationships.

    I work with those who are working to overcome the damage of an affair or breach in trust, or people having affairs and feeling stuck and confused. I find great reward in helping people who are newly adjusting to remarriage, step-parenting, or still struggling to relate to an ex, or their partner’s ex. I help my clients to navigate challenges with things like anxiety, depression, loss, difficult family relationships,  loneliness, communication and connection challenges, intimacy problems,  and the journey of blended/step-family life. I also enjoy working with those looking to strengthen or repair other types of  relationships: business partners, or co-workers who are feeling at odds or trying to find a peaceful exit, or adult siblings managing some strain around family or caretaking stresses, or parents struggling with relationships with adult children.

    I strive to be a warm, open-minded, caring, direct clinician who enjoys the use of humor. Therapy can be an enjoyable experience. Yes- really! It’s my goal to create a safe place to collaboratively help people to better know and understand themselves and their relationships, and to work on overcoming those barriers that prevent them from living as fully as possible. Reach out if I can help.

    ** Seeing clients in Athens. Call (706) 425-8900 for more information.  Claire is in network with Alliant Health,  is a Kaiser Affiliated Provider , and is a Tricare Certified Out of network provider

    Claire is a Registered Telehealth Provider in the State of Florida: