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    Ongoing Programs

    Healing from Shame

    Using Brene Brown’s best-selling The Gifts of  Imperfection as a guide, we will learn how shame and perfectionism are affecting our day-to-day lives and explore new ways to embrace our imperfect selves. This is a 6 week supportive therapy group led by a licensed therapist.  Contact Lindsey York, LCSW for more information at [email protected] 

    Better Living with Chronic Illness Group

    Have you been diagnosed with a chronic physical health condition? Are you interested in learning how to stop struggling with your illness and live a meaningful life? This online group is a 6-week experience designed to empower you with the skills to successfully meet the challenges that accompany living with a chronic illness. You will learn cutting-edge skills from “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” (ACT) that have helped many live full and meaningful lives while managing chronic illness. Contact Samuel Jones at [email protected] to learn more.

    Life Force Yoga for Emotional Balance Group

    Members will learn yoga skills and practices for enhancing and calming mood, as well as process current concerns and gain insight/support. Please contact Suzanne Morgan at [email protected] to inquire about group or set up an assessment session.


    Isom White, LCSW  and Lindsey York. LCSW are  offering Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This is a proven method for treating trauma and/or enhancing daily living. It has received a high level of recommendation by the American Psychiatric Association. To learn more about EMDR, go to

    NVC Group

    A group focused on compassionate communication skills based on the work of Marshall Rosenburg. This group is for anyone who wishes to work on better understanding of self and others. Contact Aline Robolin at 706-425-8900 or [email protected]