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    Life Transitions

    Change can be welcome or unwelcome, but it is a constant in life. We support you in using life transitions as a time to grow and change for the better. We go through transitions as we go through developmental stages throughout our lives. Some are seen as very positive changes like starting college, graduating and starting a career, starting graduate school, getting married or having children, giving birth for women, or retirement after a successful work life, though even these “positive” transitions can bring stress and challenges.

    Other transitions are expected to be more challenging like divorce and separation, loss of a job/career changes, an empty nest for parents, midlife changes/crisis, menopause for women, spiritual/faith crisis, chronic or terminal illness, aging. However, sometimes the transitions we see as more challenging have many positive aspects in expanding our perspectives and skills.

    CAWB therapists specialize in helping you navigate these processes and deal with any distress or anxiety and reframe challenges into opportunities for growth. Whether seen as negative, positive or somewhere in between, we can help smooth life changes and transitions.