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    Depression and Anxiety

    Is anxiety or worry taking over your life? Does it feel like you can’t control it? Or maybe you look ahead to possible catastrophic outcomes and shut down at the possibility of future problems. Sometimes anxiety and depression go hand in hand like two sides of the same coin or they can be distinct experiences with one causing an inability to relax and the other shut down and lethargy.

    Anxiety experiences might include worry, obsessions, nervousness, tension, rapid breathing, sweating, difficulty focusing, sweating or trembling, panic or dread, social isolation or just a sense of something being wrong much of the time.

    Depression might dampen your view of the world and make you see yourself as unworthy and may cause crying spells, loss of interest or enjoyment, lack of or excessive sleep, aches and pains, isolation and loneliness.

    CAWB’s team of therapists will assess your situation and provide holistic support for different types of depression or anxiety and provide evidence-based approaches to help you feel better and address thoughts, behavior patterns, emotion regulation and other factors that will improve your outlook and quality of life.