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    Trauma can make the world feel unsafe. Whether one has experienced a car accident, a traumatic death of a loved one, life threatening event, violence, war, or abuse, this can lead to post traumatic stress. Other experiences such as being frontline emergency workers and responders or emotional traumas in relationships, sudden or chronic illness, religious/spiritual trauma or other traumatic experiences can also bring great distress that is hard to manage on your own.

    Trauma is a mind/body experience that affects our physical, emotional, and social well-being and may lead to problematic behaviors such as avoidance and anger outbursts. Trauma experiences can lead to poor self-care such as self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, and other substances. People who are suffering may have trouble understanding their own emotions and behaviors.

    CAWB therapists specialize in a variety of approaches from Cognitive Behavioral to EMDR and other body-based therapies that address the whole person in healing from Trauma.