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    A Perinatal Mental Health Therapist Helping New Parents in Athens, GA

    The perinatal period, spanning pregnancy and the first year postpartum, is a challenging phase of life for most mothers. Having the right support during this period can make all the difference, which is why therapy for perinatal mental health has become so popular in recent years. If you are seeking a reliable perinatal mental health therapist who can help you navigate the emotional complexities of pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood, turn to Counseling Associates for Well-Being. We are a local practice  in Athens, Georgia, that has provided compassionate, holistic care to adults and couples for more than 20 years.

    What Does a Perinatal Mental Health Therapist Do?

    Although therapy for perinatal mental health is rapidly becoming more widely available, there are still many people who aren’t aware of this service or what it entails. A perinatal mental health therapist offers support in various areas, including:

    • Pregnancy concerns
    • Birth and postpartum challenges
    • Parenting and parent-child relationships
    • Self-care and overall well-being during the perinatal period

    A perinatal mental health therapist can also provide guidance and emotional support in the case of miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.

    We Are Here to Support Your Journey

    At Counseling Associates for Well-Being, we understand the unique emotional journey that new parents experience during the perinatal period. Our perinatal mental health therapist specializes in providing support tailored to your needs, whether you’re an expectant parent or navigating early parenthood. Contact us today to get started with your first session. We have a conveniently  located office in Athens  or we can serve you via telehealth from anywhere in Georgia.