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  • Markala Resby, LAPC, Athens & Telehealth, Individuals & Couples, Ages 18+

    Masters of Education in Counselor Education–Clinical Mental Health, 2013 Georgia Southern University

    Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development, 2005,  Georgia Southern University

    Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Externship 2024 

    Can we just celebrate your first steps on your journey to well-being?! Navigating life can be stressful, overwhelming, frightening and at times painful. Having experience as a mental health clinician in an inpatient recovery facility, I am familiar with using effective and practical  therapeutic strategies to explore and process past life events and challenge and reframe unhelpful thinking patterns or beliefs that cause us to feel as though we are stuck with the status quo life. Whether you are an individual struggling with depression or anxiety or relationship struggles or a couple needing help with communication or connection, I can help you build the life or relationship you want. 

    I was trained at Georgia Southern University, where I received my masters in counseling education and currently hold an associate professional counseling license in the state of Georgia. I have extensive experience in chemical dependence with people  of various ages and backgrounds who were challenged with underlying concerns related to depression, faith exploration, anxiety, poor self-esteem, relational strains, maladaptive coping skills, grief and loss and life transitions. I am also trained in using Emotionally Focused Couple therapy (EFT) to improve relationships.

    Although the majority of my professional development has been gleaned while supporting the therapeutic needs of men, as a single parent to a non-biological teenager and a first generation professional, I have shared, lived  experience in navigating a world present with stigmas and biases that at times can feel unfair and overwhelming while maintaining a healthy self-concept and practicing self-compassion. I work to balance my need to care for others  while preserving myself. 

    When I am not enjoying forming therapeutic relationships and walking along others’ life journeys, you can find me allowing music to speak to my soul, fellowshipping with my faith community, allowing comedy to tickle my funny bone, predicting who done it on a true crime podcast or book or engaging in the occasional “side-eyeing” from my guilty pleasure, “reality” tv. If you are looking to begin the work to self-discovery or just curious about the process, feel free to invite me on your journey, as “you are not judged by the height you have risen but from the depth you have climbed.” (Fredrick Douglas)

    I’m here to begin the climb alongside you.

    From life transitions, dealing with stress, managing depression and anxiety, relationships challenges, making difficult decisions all the while maintaining positive self-esteem and finding helpful ways to cope with life demands, having someone to walk alongside you in your journey to psychological health, can be the first step moving you from surviving into thriving.

    Markala is seeing clients in our Athens location and via telehealth throughout Georgia. 

    Markala is able to see Aetna, Anthem and Alliant members as an in-network provider and is a Kaiser affiliated provider.