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  • Laurie Wilburn Bailey, LPC, CPCS, Associate Clinical Supervisor

    Athens, Clinical Supervision

    • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, The University of Georgia, 1992
    • Master of Education, Guidance and Counseling, The University of Georgia, 1994
    • Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, LPCA of Georgia, 2017
    • Approved Clinical Supervisor, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia, 2021

    I have worked in community behavioral health treatment for more than 25 years. While I love working with clients, I also find great fulfillment from providing supervision and training to interns and recently graduated social workers and counselors who are working toward licensure. Early in my own career, I received excellent clinical supervision, so it is important to me to be able to give back to our field and foster growth and learning in others.

    I am a licensed professional counselor, clinical supervisor, a Certified LGBT Affirmative Psychotherapy Provider, and parent-specifically an adoptive parent in a multicultural family. All of these roles make up who I am as a person, a therapist, and a clinical supervisor. One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Maya Angelou is “Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” All of the individuals I have worked with throughout my career have amazed me with the strength and skills they have to survive. It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to work alongside them as they learn to thrive. As a clinical supervisor, I have the privilege of being part of the work of others as they help people grow, thrive and live the lives they want to live.

    My work in outpatient, community-based, and inpatient settings has given me experience with youth, families, and adults affected by mental illness and substance use disorders. I have served in direct service clinical roles and well as administrative roles and new program development. I work for a large nonprofit, within a private practice, and operate my own small business. I bring all of these experiences and lessons I have learned along the way, the good and the bad, to my clinical supervision.

    My supervision style is to ensure that supervisees have a safe, supportive environment in which to learn and grow while enhancing their competence, confidence, and professional identity. Personally, I am an adoptive mom in a multicultural family. As such, I have sought out specific books, movies, articles and trainings focusing on race, cultural humility, and adoption related issues. I bring that learning and experience into supervision, as well.

    Providing Clinical Supervision in person as well as virtually. Email or call Laurie at [email protected] or 706.425.8900 ext. 730.