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    Suzanne Morgan, LCSW, CIRT: Athens

    • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Sociology, Emory University, 1993
    • Master of Social Work, University of Georgia, 1998
    • Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, 2006
    • Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, 2013
    • Certified Life Force Yoga Practitioner I, 2019

    Sometimes in life, we need help to get back to the path we are meant to be on. My joy in my work comes from seeing the individuals, couples, families, and groups I am privileged to collaborate with achieve their best quality of life today while moving toward their ideal vision for their lives. Grief and/or trauma, life transitions, breakups/divorce/remarriage, recovery, family of origin issues, depression/ anxiety, or simply feeling lost spiritually or emotionally are challenges I can help navigate. I also teach proven communication skills to lessen reactivity, bringing unconscious patterns into consciousness to heal past wounds and repair relationships. We can reconnect with our true selves and regain our essential aliveness.

    Difficulties and relational conflict are life’s invitation to us to grow and be more fully alive. The path may be challenging but also joyful if we make conscious choices and build skills to be mindful and fully present in our lives rather than simply reacting from unconscious patterns and operating on autopilot. As a therapist for over 20 years, a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and a Certified Life Force Yoga Practitioner I, I am passionate about helping clients cultivate mind/body awareness and self-acceptance for emotional healing, more loving relationships, and peace of mind. When appropriate, I interweave mindfulness, simple yoga skills, and Buddhist psychology into therapy in subtle and non-invasive ways for powerful results.

    My style combines training/expertise, skill modeling, and compassionate acceptance to allow each unique client to safely explore at their own pace. I am directive and give feedback while respecting the therapeutic relationship and process, which reveals each person’s inner wisdom. I am also grateful for the invaluable lessons learned from my previous and current clients. I work with adults throughout the life span-individuals, couples, families, groups as well as therapists seeking consultation, and building their identity in private practice. As a busy therapist, business owner and Mom, I practice what I encourage, having had a regular mindfulness/yoga practice for self-care for over 15 years. I find peace being in nature, daily movement/exercise, in my love of music/singing, and in quality time with my loved ones.

    Serving clients at our Athens office.