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  • CAWB Provides QEEG Brain Mapping and Brain Retraining for ADD/ADHD

    Are you looking for help with ADD or ADHD? Is homework for your child always a struggle? Concerned about the use of medication for control of ADD/ADHD? These concerns can be overwhelming at times and fortunately QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Training can help!  Neurofeedback can provide effective solutions for Attention Deficit Attention and Attention Hyperactivity Disorder.

    A QEEG Brain map can be obtained which can identify the inefficient neural pathways that are seen with ADD/ADHD. Neurofeedback can then be utilized as a process of self-regulation of the brain that retrains neural pathways into effective, efficient, functioning brainwave patterns; thus eliminating or reducing the need for medication intervention.

    Check out this video of the Dr. Phil show discussing ADD/ADHD and neurofeedback.

    For additional information about QEEG Brain Mapping and how Neurofeedback works, please contact Pamela Key @ [email protected] or call (706) 425-8900.