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  • Communication Skills / Sharing appreciation with children and loved ones: “I love to watch you play”

    I find this article (link below) so heart warming in the way the child -or loved one- is seen and appreciated, welcomed without having to do anything other than be her(him)self, just participating in the joy she (he) is experiencing! Four or five years ago, I was visiting my mentor, and out of the blue, she said: “I think there is one thing that’s more important for children than to be loved; it is to be appreciated!”. This article is about communicaion skills, parenting and relationships. and about appreciating children and loved ones. I know these tears the author is talking about, that joy in the pit of my stomach. Do you know that too?  And what a gift to the person we love, when we can share it with them: “I love you, just for being you!”. by Rachel Macy Stafford, Certified special education teacher

    If you enjoyed this article and want to focus on expressing your appreciation in the relationships that matter to you, as an option from focusing on what others are doing wrong, we may be sharing a commun interest in compassionate communication; feel free to contact me at 706 425 8900, ext 705. or email at [email protected].