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  • Working with Men in Therapy

    by Isom E. White, LCSW



    Big boys do in fact cry…

    Yes dudes cry – and that’s ok. The stigma surrounding men seeking out therapy services has continued to decrease over the past decade. More and more, I am finding men who are interested in improving their relationships, managing societal expectations, and phase of life issues related to health, intimate & dating relationships, father/husbandhood, and professional life issues.


    I am noticing an “emotional awakening”.  Men may still be bottling, stuffing, suppressing, or avoiding their emotions with their male counterparts or spouses but now are finding it very safe to open up to another male in the therapeutic space. It’s as if in the therapy room they have permission to be vulnerable with themselves. I have found that just the act of being present with oneself and their emotional experiences has been highly transformative and healing for my male clients.


    As a husband and a Father, I understand the demands men can feel and strive to create a sense of safety for men who may find it hard to reach out for therapy or expect the process to be intimidating.  Men with a history of trauma may have special needs-I have expertise in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which is a proven therapeutic treatment for trauma. I also use other Mindfulness based therapeutic approaches and cultivate a warm and non-judgmental relationship while tailoring the process to each client.

    Reach out to me today and begin the “awakening” process. I am looking forward to working with you.