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  • Burnout Relief by Lyndey McCurry, LMSW

    As a professional in a hospital/clinical setting, I saw firsthand the challenge it has been to cope with the COVID pandemic and the secondary trauma associated with it. In Emily and Amelia Nagoskis’s book Burnout,  they discuss how it is necessary to deal with stress before dealing with the stressor. Oftentimes life seems very BIG, as in unmanageable or threatening, but stress can be broken down. When we feel anxious, it can seem overwhelming, but as Emily writes, “Wellness is the freedom to move fluidly through the cycles of being human. Wellness is thus not a state of being, it is a state of action.”

    In working with clients who may be dealing with burnout and/or anxiety, we will collaborate to create a set of skills to manage stress first and then work on how to manage stressors.  This includes understanding that emotions exist in the body and that the key to dealing with external stressors is letting go of trying to control what we cannot, and being more active in what we can control. This requires working on acceptance of our situations and looking at our choices. Check out this interview below with the sisters who wrote Burnout.

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