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  • Therapist Spotlight: Jennifer Boone, LCSW

    As a therapist with 20 years experience and a Mom who is living with the joys and challenges of parenting, work and a busy family, I am passionate about supporting women at all stages of Motherhood.

    I help new Moms who may need help with adjustment or may even be dealing with post partum depression or anxiety as well as parents across the life span who are dealing with different stages of parenting from dealing with infants and toddlers to big kids, tweens, teens, young adults and adult children.

    We never stop being parents and that comes with a lot of highs and lows.  It is only natural we need help at times to deal with the hardest and best job we can have-parenting. If you need support along the journey, therapy can help you learn to cope more effectively and to thrive.  Reach out to me at [email protected].